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Labels then get to calculate their royalties in one of two ways, whichever is more lucrative. They can take a small amount every time one of their songs is streamed -- frequently about a penny per play -- or just take a set percentage of the service's total revenues. Far from becoming obsolete, the four largest record labels -- Universal, Sony, Warner Music Group and EMI -- now control almost 90 percent of the music market. And if the Federal Trade Commission signs off this week on Universal Music's controversial $2 billion takeover of EMI, the new behemoth would control over 40 percent of the market alone -- enough to make the company the gatekeeper for all sonic innovation, from Silicon Valley to Sweden. In January of this year, two months after agreeing to the Universal merger, EMI changed its tune, claiming that Grooveshark had missed a $100,000 payment on its licensing arrangement, and terminated the contract. EMI then sued the startup for copyright infringement as well. Grooveshark, which declined to comment for this story, noted at the time that it had paid EMI $2.6 million to date under the licensing arrangement. After settling the intial lawsuit, EMI has filed new infringement cases against Grooveshark, and the two companies remain embroiled in litigation . The user-friendly and straight interface enables you to find & use anything you want in seconds. All things are well done just by several clicks. With our Free merge mp3 online adding + setting + merging one-step solution, you can easily merge mp3 without reducing quality. Does anyone know of a good MP3 Joiner I can use to join all the MP3s into one MP3 on Windows?
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